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Dreamsketcher is a collaborative project that includes me and anyone willing to describe their latest or craziest dream. It’s created in an effort to evolve my ability to be intuitive while envisioning others wild thoughts or dreams and to stay fluid when transforming descriptions into visual interpretations.

So, here it is, every month I will read through your submissions and randomly choose one dream;  I will either sketch it, create a comic strip, paint it or choose any form of art I feel will be best to depict what you describe. Please use as much detail as possible. If your dream is selected an email will be sent to you.

View past submissions here. 


Do you have a preference on how your dream is interpreted? (Chances are, I will do what I feel inspired to do but your feedback counts).

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Would you like to remain anonymous? (Checking this will assure you that your name will not be listed in the artwork section. The description of your dream will be posted with the artwork, though).


 Created in loving memory of Helena Rubin.